Pinxton youngster who received live-saving liver transplant wants you to become an organ donor

A brave Pinxton youngster who received a vital liver transplant as a baby is urging people to support organ donation.

Trinity Walters aged 10 has stressed the importance of organ donation- and encouraged people to help save lives by signing the register.

Trinity Walters, ten, has become somewhat of an ambassador for organ donation.

Trinity Walters, ten, has become somewhat of an ambassador for organ donation.

Trinity was just a couple of weeks old when her parents were told she had severe liver damage due to a rare condition and needed an urgent transplant.

Weighing a tiny 4lbs, Trinity was one of the smallest babies in the world to have the operation after a donor was identified in 22 days.

The Kirkstead Junior Academy has just celebrated her tenth birthday and is well aware she owes her life to doctors and her donor.

She is now somewhat of an ambassador for organ donation, encouraging school staff to hold a special assembly so her fellow pupils are educated on the issue.

Trinity said: “I think it’s important that people know about it because it saves peoples lives. Everyone who was a donor and all of my doctors have done their best to help me.”

Her plea comes as more people in Nottinghamshire require a transplant.

A total of 90 people were waiting for an organ in the county in the last month alone.

A further 32 people from Nottinghamshire have died whilst waiting for a suitable organ that never became available in the last five years.

Despite ongoing health problems and regular tests, bubbly Trinity says she ‘just gets on with it’ and loves learning- particularly about art and space. “I don’t let my problems get in the way even though I still bring medicines to school and an EpiPen because I have lots of allergies,” said Trinity, who one day hopes to become an astrononer.

Trinity’s mum Leonna said: “Before this we never really thought about the donor register.

My husband filled out our cards while we were at the hospital and it was the same afternoon we found a liver for Trinity. It’s so important to think about donating organs to people whose life might depend on them.”