Pharmacy scheme is Nottinghamshire health hit

MORE than 5,000 Nottinghamshire patients have used a new pharmacy scheme to get free treatment and advice for their minor health problems, over the past year.

NHS Nottinghamshire County’s Pharmacy First scheme is now available in more than half of Nottinghamshire’s pharmacies; 75 of 137 pharmacies.

Head lice is the most popular condition that people are seeking treatment for. This is followed by treatment for fever, hay fever and teething. Since it launched in November 2009, the service has helped more than 5,000 people.

The pharmacist-led service gives patients free advice and treatment, if appropriate, for a range of minor health conditions.

Ailments covered include athlete’s foot, conjunctivitis, constipation, diarrhoea, earache, fever/temperature, hay fever, haemorrhoids, head lice, insect bites and stings, sore throat, teething, toothache, threadworm, thrush, warts and veruccas.

Patients are reminded that Pharmacy First is for people who are registered with a GP in Nottinghamshire and do not pay prescription charges.

To find your nearest participating visit and search for ‘pharmacy first’.