People with diabetes urged to get flu jab

Doctors and nurses across Nottinghamshire are urging people with diabetes to protect themselves and get their seasonal flu vaccination as soon as possible.I

In the NHS Nottinghamshire County area, 45,708 adults have been diagnosed with diabetes, while in the NHS Nottingham City area the figure is 13,328, a total of 59,036 adults.

Flu jab clinics are now well under way in GP surgeries, and people with diabetes, along with the over 65’s and pregnant women, are among the priority groups who can get free flu jabs.

Penny Spring, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Nottinghamshire County, said, “People should not underestimate the effects of seasonal flu. It is not the same as getting a cold.

“Having flu can really upset diabetes control and cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate. This can leave people with diabetes open to many health problems, including complications of flu such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

“Flu can be prevented by having the vaccine, which is being provided free at GP surgeries across the county for people most at risk.”

If you haven’t already been invited for a free flu jab, contact your GP surgery to find out when they are holding clinics and make sure you look after yourself during the cold weather.

More information on flu jabs is available at