Patients have their say on hospital values

Patients at Sherwood Forest Hospitals have helped launch new values and behaviours that will ensure staff deliver quality care all of the time.

Last autumn, patients were invited to meet nurses, doctors, managers and other healthcare staff to share their experiences of being cared for at the Trust.

This feedback has helped shape a new set of values and behaviours known as Quality for all that will apply to all Trust staff, in all that they do.

Paul O’Connor, Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “Listening to patients talk about their experiences of care at our hospitals was a moving and powerful experience.

“At our listening events we heard examples of truly outstanding care. However we also heard patients and families describe poor care - which is simply not acceptable.

“We listened and we are acting. Thanks to the feedback from our patients we have developed our Quality for all values and behaviours which will shape the way we plan and make decisions, the way we recruit, induct, appraise and develop colleagues as well as influence the way we behave with patients, family members and each other.

“Quality for all is our pledge to patients and colleagues. It means supporting our staff to provide the very best patient experience and outcomes. These changes will not happen overnight.” but they are the start of a real turnaround for our Trust which will see us consistently deliver quality care for all.”

Support for the Trust’s Quality for all programme has also been received from the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt. He said: “I’m pleased to endorse the launch of Quality for all at Sherwood Forest Hospitals.

“I know that entering special measures has not been easy for the Trust, but it is clear that hospitals like this one are making encouraging progress in delivering better care for patients, supported by staff dedicated to providing compassionate care. I wish you every success.”