New CT scanner will improve patient-care at King’s Mill Hospital

FIT FOR A KING'S MILL HOSPITAL -- the new CT scanner.
FIT FOR A KING'S MILL HOSPITAL -- the new CT scanner.

Delighted doctors at King’s Mill Hospital are now in proud possession of a second CT scanner, which will boost the quality of treatment available for patients.

CT scanners are invaluable aids in the early detection of disease, and they improve the planning and monitoring of treatment programmes. For instance, it will help the Sutton hospital meet its waiting-list targets.

“This second scanner will dramatically improve patient-care at King’s Mill,” said Jayne Burkitt, who is the radiology services manager at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital.

“It will increase the availability of scans for in-patients and shorten hospital stays because scans can be performed on an out-patient basis.

“The new scanner will also improve waiting-list times and shorten the time it takes from imaging to treatment.

“Our CT service will now be increased to seven days a week too.”

CT stands for computed tomography. CT scanners use x-rays in a more sophisticated way to create a computerised picture of ‘slices’ through the body.

The scans are a quick, non-invasive method of looking inside the body at organs, soft tisses, blood vessels and bones, and can accurately diagnose many conditions.

King’s Mill treated more than 100,000 patients in its emergency department last year. The new scanner it has acquired is an Optima CT660 model, manufactured by GE Healthcare. A hospital spokesman added: “It represents a significant investment by the trust, ensuring the hospital is equipped with the latest technology to deliver the most advanced service to the local community.”

Newark Hospital, which also comes under the trust’s wing, will benefit from the same type of scanner, which is to be installed in a few months’ time.