Mum’s anger at second EMAS ‘no show’

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A furious mother was told she may have to wait up to two hours for paramedics to arrive and treat her unconscious daughter - a month after ambulance staff failed to attend when the eight-year-old collapsed on a Mansfield park.

Mother-of-four Rebecca Turton dialled 999 last Monday (8th September) after daughter Kirstie, who has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, collapsed when she returned home from school.

But when the 27-year-old got through to control room staff, she was told she may have to wait for two hours for an ambulance to attend, she said.

Rebecca told Chad: “Kirstie came home from school and said she didn’t feel very well, then a few minutes later she started to fit.

“We have been told that if a fit goes on for more than five minutes she needs urgent medical attention and we need to dial 999.

“It was terrifying - her breathing seemed really shallow and her lips were turning blue, but when I spoke to ambulance control they told me it could be two hours before anyone came out.”

A first responder eventually made it to the family home after around 45 minutes and took Kirstie to hospital, and the delay was blamed on a shortage of vehicles, Rebecca said.

In August Chad reported how Rebecca, of Blake Crescent, had to rely on a ‘good samaritan’ to take her daughter to King’s Mill Hospital after she collapsed on a family visit to Carr Bank Park.

And red-faced bosses at East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) were forced to issue an apology after call handlers failed to send help.

Rebecca said no explanation was given why paramedics were not dispatched, but she subsequently made a formal complaint to the service. She has now made a second formal complaint following the latest incident.

“I don’t just want a sorry this time,” she added. “I want a formal undertaking from EMAS that this won’t happen again. My daughter was lying unconscious at our home. It was terrifying and you just want to know that help is on its way.”

It is the latest in list of blunders by the beleaguered ambulance service.

In July, Chad reported how Mansfield husband Keith Henson, of Heanor Walk, had to spend 40 minutes performing life-saving CPR on his wife Linda when she suffered a major heart attack, when paramedics could not find their house.

Earlier in the summer, there were other reports of ambulance no-shows and unacceptable waiting times elsewhere in the Chad circulation area, leading to Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale telling EMAS bosses to ‘get their act together’.

EMAS’ director of nursing Judith Douglas said “I have spoken to Mrs Turton and apologised for the distress she and her daughter experienced. I provided her with an explanation about how we respond to 999 calls and agreed to write to her with answers to other questions she raised during our conversation. Mrs Turton confirmed she is happy with the way we are dealing with her concerns.”

PICTURED: Rebecca Turton pictured with eight-year-old daughter Kirstie, who was told she may have to wait for two hours for an ambulance.