Mansfield Woodhouse toddler who needs new eye faces Christmas in hospital

Brave toddler Myah Hauxwell is facing Christmas in hospital after surgery to give her a new prosthetic eye developed complications.

Tiny Myah, who celebrated her fourth birthday recently will be operated on by surgeons at Queen’s Medical Centre to remove a growth in her eye socket.

She was born with a rare genetic condition called micropthamia - small eye syndrome - which meant her right eye never developed and she was born without one.

Last year Myah from Mansfield Woodhouse was given a new lease of life thanks to big-hearted fundraisers who raised £4,000 to buy her a new prosthesis.

But the new eye was too heavy and her face was becoming deformed by the weight.

During the four hour operation, surgeons took fat from her tummy to create a new eye socket.

Now her mum Lauren Hauxwell has been told her daughter will need a repeat operation.

She said: “It has been a nightmare.

“The doctors found she had a growth on the fat in her eye socket.

“She had surgery and now she needs it again . The surgeon will have to remove more fat from her stomach.

Myah will have her operation on December 2.

“That will mean Christmas is down the pan.

“The recovery time after the operation will be up to six weeks.

“She is really poorly at the moment .

“She is off nursery and has had two courses of anti-biotics, so hopefully they will kick in.”

Lauren said she will have to stop working as a beautician for a while to look after her daughter.

A drive to raise funds to pay for another new prosthesis is around £1,000 short of the toptal needed.

She says the constant worry over Myah has meant she has been unable to keep up organising further fund raising activities.

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