Mansfield and Ashfield woman urged to take advantage of breast cancer screening

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging more local women to seize the opportunity to be screened for breast cancer.

Women aged between 50 and 70 are routinely invited for breast screening every three years, although women over the age of 70 can make their own appointments.

Since January 2011, as part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme, the Trust’s specialist breast screening unit was accepted into the national age extension pilot, and now routinely invites selected women aged between 47 and 49 and between 71 and 73 for screening.

The programme aims to ensure that more breast abnormalities are detected earlier in a wider group of women.

Mohamed Jahan, consultant breast surgeon and director of screening at the Trust, said: “We are committed to providing first class care for our patients, and I am urging all local women to attend their breast screening appointment whenever they receive an invitation.

“If they can’t make the appointment offered, they can contact us and it can be easily re-arranged. We are piloting this age extension for six years and are confident that local eligible women will really benefit”.

Ladies over the age of 70 or those between the ages of 47 and 49 who wish to be screened or wish to know whether they are scheduled to be screened should contact the breast screening unit on 01623 676008.