King’s Mill is public’s top pick

THE majority of people surveyed over the future of Ashfield Health Village are in favour of integrating the facility with King’s Mill Hospital.

The consultation, carried out by NHS Nottinghamshire County, says 41 per cent of the people surveyed favoured integrating the walk-in centre with the accident and emergency department at King’s Mill Hospital.

The second most popular choice was no change for the walk-in facility, with 30 per cent of respondents favouring this option.

When all responses were combined, the integration option was also the favoured option amongst the public, with 39 per cent of all respondents in favour.

The proposed move sparked protests from residents across the district, with petitions being taken to the streets of Kirkby.

Jim Aspinall, who let the petition, said: “I have heard stories from people as far away as Pleasley and Mansfield Woodhouse about how useful they have found the centre, it’s not just a big issue for Kirkby but for the surrounding areas.

“We cannot vote on the PCT, we just have to appeal to their sense of fairness and justice.”

“There are no reasons to close the health centre in Kirkby, but there are plenty of reasons to keep it open.”

Speaking following the closure of the consultation, Zoe Butler, Head of Patient and Public Involvement at NHS Nottinghamshire County said: “It’s great that so many local people had their say and helped to shape the consultation.

“Since it has closed, we have analysed each and every response, and a copy of our Consultation Outcomes report can now be viewed on our website,”

The consultation ran from 1st November 2010 to 9th February 2011, with four options of no change, expansion of walk-in centres to offer additional services, Integration of the service with A&E at King’s Mill Hospital and the complete closure of the facility being put to the public.

A final decision will be made during a board meeting of the trust, which takes place at Ransom Wood, Rainworth, from 12.30pm on 24th March.