King’s Mill Hospital bosses prepare for winter rush

KING’S MILL Hospital bosses say they have put improved plans in place to ensure they cope with increased pressure on patient services.

Seasonal bugs such as flu and increases in falls amongst the elderly help put additional pressure on hospital services.

The improved plans include providing extra beds, redistribution of staff to meet demand, recruitment of extra nursing staff, flu immunisation for staff and additional consultant ward rounds at weekends, which will enable well patients to be discharged as soon as they are ready.

Carolyn White, Deputy Chief Executive for the Trust, said: “The winter of 2010 was one of the most severe winters for a number of years, but despite facing unprecedented pressures I am very proud that our hospitals performed well beyond expectation.

“King’s Mill Hospital’s Emergency Department even provided support to other hospitals in the region on a few occasions, which was gratefully received.

“We are truly proud of our achievements at our hospitals, including our outstanding infection control record for going more than 500 days without a single case of hospital acquired MRSA blood stream infection.

“The success of our winter plan last year was down to the meticulous attention to detail that went into our plan, accompanied by the superb efforts of our staff.”