Kelly lost weight to heal after back op

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A Huthwaite mum who suffered a broken back during childbirth told how losing weight transformed her life after years of agony and depression.

Kelly Black is hoping to inspire other women to shed the pounds and restart their lives.

Kelly, 34 told how she suffered agony and depression for two years after the birth of her daughter, not realising she had fractured her spine.

“It all started when I was in labour with my eldest daughter and suffered lower back pain,” said the mum of two.

“I was suffering from post natal depression and the pain on top was pretty horrendous. I wasn’t able to work or drive and I put on over two stones.

“The doctors said I had strained my back and put me on a traction machine, not knowing the damage was so severe.”

Eventually she was sent to the Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham.

Following a MRI scan they told Kelly she had broken her lumber spine at the bottom. She had to have it fused together and pinned with titanium screws.

“They were surprised as it was the sort of injury a rugby player would have, or someone who had been in a car crash, very unusual for a pregnant woman,” she said.

“I was taking a huge amount of pain killers and they put me on anti-depressants - I was on 26 tablets a day just to get out of bed.

“Because I was carrying such a lot of weight it was putting pressure on my back.”

Kelly joined Slimming World to get back to her ideal weight.

“I couldn’t have done it without joining Slimming World.

“There is no way I could have joined a gym, it was the last option open to me.

“I’m feeling brilliant now - I don’t take any painkillers and I go to the gym five days a week. I feel fantastic and want to help others lose weight and restart their lives like I have.”