Health club gives help to smokers

Bannatyne’s Health Club in Mansfield is marking No Smoking Day on 9th March – by supporting smokers who want to quit with a free health check.

Designed to help smokers understand how to start a new healthy lifestyle after stopping smoking, the ‘Time to Quit’ health check will assess individuals’ physical capabilities and help focus them on the kinds of activities they can do to become healthier.

The health checks will be available at the health club on Briar Lane on 9th, 10th and 11th March and are being offered to support UK charity, No Smoking Day, whose President is also Chairman of Bannatyne Fitness and star of TV’s Dragons’ Den, Duncan Bannatyne.

The health club’s professional fitness advisors will be on hand to carry out the health check, which will comprise of height, weight, blood pressure, lung capacity, sit and reach, body fat and BMI tests.

Duncan Bannatyne said: “We’ll be offering our support to smokers in Mansfield, because committing to quit is the first step to living a new healthy lifestyle.

“After stopping smoking they will soon realise that physical activity will become easier be it running for the bus or playing with their children in the park.

“Our health check will help smokers evaluate the gradual build up of exercise they can take on and help them set their long-term lifestyle and wellbeing goals.”