Health bosses issue flu warning to pregnant woman in Mansfield and Ashfield

PREGNANT women will do anything to protect their unborn child – but figures from last winter show that just 39.5 per cent of mums-to-be in the East Midlands had the flu jab.

Now health chiefs in Mansfield and Ashfield have issued an appeal to pregnant women to have the vaccine - or put themselves and the unborn baby at risk of serious illness.

Said Alison Whitham, head of midwifery and gynaecological nursing for Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: “The effects of flu in pregnancy can be prevented by having the free vaccine at your local GP surgery.

“When you are pregnant with your child you want to do what is right for your baby and some mothers-to-be worry about the vaccine.

“It is safe for mother and baby and can be given at any stage of pregnancy, and the earlier you have the vaccine the better as it means you will be protected for the whole winter.

“The vaccine may also give your unborn baby some protection against flu during the first six months of life.

The NHS launched a campaign in the middle of September to encourage people at risk of flu to get a vaccine.