Fundraising for Frankie after fatal Alabama Rot death

The five-year-old Wheaton Terrier was thought to have contracted the disease after she suddenly became poorly during a walk in Sherwood Forest.

Her owner, Tracey Robb, noticed her pup had began shaking and that her temperature had dropped in the days following the walk.

The vets believed Frankie to have contracted Alabama Rot after sores had been found on her body and she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Unfortunately within 72 hours Frankie had died from the disease, and owner Tracey has set a fundrasier to help treat dogs like Frankie who contract Alabama Rot.

She aims to raise around £50,000 through her Go Fund Me campaign, which will help to support veterinary organisations researching for a cure to the illness.

Tracey, from Edwinstowe,: “I’m really sorry to have to say we lost our little Frankie - she just didn’t have any more fight left in her.

“The illness is so cruel we need to do what we can to find effective treatment.

“I am determined to keep trying to raise funds to help as much as I can to Stop the Rot. Please help us to do this.

“Any money raised will go towards setting up a fund to help dog owners like us keep their dogs alive for as long as possible and give them a fighting chance

“We want to raise funds to keep other dogs alive for long enough to help vets find out more about the illness.

“This will eventually enable them to provide affordable, effective treatments for our dogs - our best friends.”

Alabama Rot was first spotted in the UK in 2012 where there have since been 177 fatalities recorded as a result.

Most dogs die within 48 hours of contracting it.

The disease is identifiable through symptoms of skin lesions, sores and kidney failure, however it is commonly diagnosed through a post-mortem examination.

Tracey added: “We plan on doing some serious fund raising help support other dogs and their families who have to battle this horrible illness.

“Rest in peace my beautiful girl I’m going to miss you so much.”

To donate to her appeal, visit hvnae-stop-the-rot.