Free meals for local nurses

Four Crown Carveries restaurants in Nottingham are offering a free carvery to all its local nurses between Monday 9th and Saturday 14th January, inclusive.

According to research revealed last year by the ONS (Office of National Statistics) over 88,000 nurses worked on Christmas Day in 2010, meaning 22% of all nurses in the UK missed out on precious time spent with friends and families to look after those in need.

As a result, the managers at the Gap Inn, Hole in the Wall, Seven Mile Inn and the Shepherds, have decided to take a stand and plans to reward these unsung heroes, whose dedication and expertise often go unnoticed, particularly over the Christmas period.

Enjoying the free carvery couldn’t be easier. All currently-employed nurses simply need to visit www.crowncarveries.co.uk or www.facebook.com/crowncarveries from Monday 9th January to download the ‘free carvery meal’ voucher and present this along with their current ID card to staff at either one of the four pubs listed.

Kris Palmer, manager at the Gap Inn, said: “Nurses spend all year looking after others and it’s about time we honoured their dedication. Most of us have witnessed firsthand the excellent job they do on a daily basis; however they often don’t receive the recognition they deserve, especially at Christmas. As part of the UK’s most regal carvery brand, we felt it was only fitting that we roll out the red carpet and offer a meal on the house to show our appreciation.”

Lee Hogan, manager at the Hole in the Wall, added: “At Crown Carveries we pride ourselves on delivering a right royal welcome for all of our guests and at only £3.89 for a roast meal, Monday to Saturday, this is just a small festive gift from us to all our local nursing angels.”