Free leisure pass offer

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Do you want to be more active but think you can’t afford to use Mansfield District Leisure Trust Leisure Centres?

Well did you know that an adult can swim for £3.30* or even as little as £1.50* if you meet the concessionary criteria!

A group fitness class can cost just £2.55 for adults, £1.55 for juniors and £2.35 for a 50+ session^.

You don’t have to be a member to use their facilities, you can pay as you go and also apply for a Leisure Discount Card or Leisure Bonus Card to save money each time you visit.

The Leisure Discount Card is available to everyone, and costs just £1 per year. This entitles you to save £1 on each activity.

Plus, if you live in Mansfield and are receiving benefits such as Job Seekers, ESA, Incapacity Benefit or tax credits, or are over 60 or a full time student over 16, you are entitled to a Leisure Bonus card.

This costs 50p for 6 months and allows up to half price discount on our standard prices.

These cards are valid at all 5 of their Leisure Centres; Oak Tree Leisure Centre, Water Meadows Swimming and Fitness Complex, River Maun Recreation Centre, Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre and Meden Sports Centre.

Having an active lifestyle can help you lose or maintain weight, boost your energy, immune system, brain power, life span, reduce stress and even help you sleep better. So regardless of your age, weight, athletic ability or income, the many benefits of exercise and healthy living are excellent reasons to get active.

Mansfield District Leisure Trust is offering you a FREE one day guest pass to use at any of its facilities before Christmas, so there’s even more reason to come and take advantage of the health benefits that come from getting active. See this week’s Chad for your free leisure pass voucher!

Terms and conditions

Proof of eligibility will be required if you are applying for the Leisure Bonus Card.

*Adult swim at Rebecca Adlington is £3.30 with a Leisure Discount card, Juniors or over 60’s with a Leisure Bonus Card pay £1.50, other

Leisure Bonus Card holders pay £1.65

^Fitness classes cost £2.80 with a Leisure Bonus Card, £4.60 with a Leisure Discount card, Juniors pay £3.05 with a Leisure Discount Card,

£1.55 with a Leisure Bonus Card. 50+ sessions cost £2.35 with a Leisure Bonus Card, £3.70 with a Leisure Discount Card.