Fighting heart disease

The rate of people from Nottinghamshire dying from cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes heart failure and stroke, has decreased by half since 1995.

A new online tool - - launched by the Department of Health, gives a snapshot of key CVD issues across the country. NHS Nottinghamshire County will use the information to better treat and prevent heart disease locally.

The online figures show that deaths from CVD are significantly lower in Nottinghamshire compared to the England average, and have decreased by 51.1% since 1995.

However, cardiovascular disease continues to be the main cause of death in England. It occurs more frequently in people who smoke; have high blood pressure; high blood cholesterol; are overweight, do not exercise and/ or have diabetes. It can lead to angina, heart attack, heart failure and strokes.

NHS Nottinghamshire County continues to encourage people to have a healthy diet, quit smoking and exercise regularly.

Across the county, it is estimated that almost one quarter (23.6%) of adults are obese, and almost three quarters (72.4%) do not eat at least five portions of fruit and veg daily. It is also estimated that 23% smoke.

Dr Chris Kenny, Director of Public Health for NHS Nottinghamshire County said: “It is encouraging to see that the local picture for Nottinghamshire is positive, with fewer deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

“However, the challenge for local health services is to continue reducing the major contributors to developing cardiovascular diseases, such as smoking, obesity and poor diet.”

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