EAST MIDLANDS: Weight crisis for residents

More than two in five (44 per cent) people in the East Midlands admit they are trying to lose weight, but just over a quarter (27 per cent) will give up their diet within three days, according to new research from Bupa.

Three in ten people in the East Midlands (29 per cent) admit to thinking about losing weight at least once day. In fact, they are so eager to lose weight that two in five (41 per cent) said they would give up alcohol and one in five (19 per cent) would even give up sex if it meant they could be their ideal weight.

However, despite our efforts to shed excess weight, two in five dieters in the East Midlands (39 per cent) failed to lose weight whilst on a diet and almost half (45%) didn’t keep the weight off for a year.

Dr Tim Woodman, medical director at Bupa said: “This time of year we see a flurry of diets offering a quick fix. Fad diets might help you lose a few pounds at first, but they won’t help you stay a healthy weight in the long run.”

One reason for this limited success could be the low number of people combining their diet with exercise. Only one in three dieters in the East Midlands (34%) is committed to always doing physical exercise alongside a diet.