Dog walker’s warning of ‘poisonous paths’ at King’s Mill Reservoir

A dog walker from Clipstone has spoken of her fears after raisins and sultanas were reportedly found on the paths at Sutton’s King’s Mill Reservoir.

The currants, which are poisonous to dogs, were found by Annmarie Cordon, 52, on Thursday, December 3 when she was walking her Labrador around the reservoir paths.

King�"s Mill Reservoir, Mansfield

King�"s Mill Reservoir, Mansfield

She explained that her dog often “hoovers up” food it sees on the ground and suggested that people who are leaving the currants should consider alternatives like bird seeds.

She wants awareness to be raised in regards to the risk to dogs and the harm the currants can cause if it continues.

She said: “These are harmful for dogs so it’s rather worrying when walking round there with my Labrador who hoovers everything up.

“I spotted them and took a closer look - luckily before she ate them.

King�"s Mill Reservoir, Mansfield

King�"s Mill Reservoir, Mansfield

“They were on several posts walking round the reservoir, I noticed three or four piles of them so I warned any other walkers I saw.

“I think people should be aware and I hope that whoever left these treats may think again and consider an alternative like bird seed.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “While wild birds love to eat dried fruit like raisins, sultanas and currants - which are a source of natural sugars, vitamins and minerals - these are very dangerous to dogs.

“If ingested by a dog these can lead to kidney failure which can prove fatal.

“If a pet owner is concerned their dog has eaten raisins, sultanas or currants they should seek immediate veterinary treatment.”

“We would advise people wanting to feed birds dried fruit to soak them in water first, then place them high up in bird feeders to avoid any dogs ingesting them.”