Disabled Kirkby man fears losing his home

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A disabled Kirkby man is frightened of losing his home claiming a housing organisation has placed impossible demands on him.

Christopher Durant of Hill View Kirkby, has a permanent disability and fears losing the home he has lived in for 30 years.

He said Ashfield Homes threatened him with eviction or legal action if he cannot carry out £3,000 of work to his home within a year.

Mr Durant, 54, said: “There’s no way I can pay for these repairs. I have only just got my benefits back after they were stopped for nine months - I have to live on £70 a week.”

Mr Durant, a former self employed ice cream man suffers from chondromalacia,a condition which has left him in constant pain and unable to walk properly.

He said the repairs include bricking up an internal wall and replacing doors and a light socket.

“It isn’t fair to blame me. The wall was knocked out before we moved in.

They are trying to find faults and further faults and it is driving me into depression.”

Kelly Scott Director of Housing Services said: “Ashfield Homes along with a number of our partner agencies, have been working with Mr Durant for some time regarding breaches of Mr Durant’s tenancy conditions. A number of property inspections have taken place following concerns about health and safety surrounding unauthorised alterations which have been made to Mr Durant’s home. Enforcement action may ensue if Mr Durant fails to complete works he is responsible for, to an acceptable standard and in line with the terms and conditions of Mr Durant’s tenancy agreement. Ashfield Homes will continue to work with, and support tenants, particularly those that are vulnerable, in an attempt to resolve any issues and avoid the requirement for legal action”.