Birthday card appeal to cheer up terminally-ill teenager Corah

BIRTHDAY GIRL -- terminally ill teenager Corah Slaney with mum, Lisa
BIRTHDAY GIRL -- terminally ill teenager Corah Slaney with mum, Lisa

A simple, but touching, initiative is set to brighten up the birthday of a terminally ill teenager from Kirkby.

An appeal has been launched on social media to send Corah Slaney, who turns 17 next Tuesday (28th April), birthday cards as she fights the life-limiting mitochondrial disease.

The #PleaseSendACard2Corah appeal was set up by life and business coach Sali Gray, who has masterminded several fundraising ideas to help the Slaney family. The hashtag has been shared far and wide on Twitter, and Sali is hopeful that hundreds of cards can be sent to Corah “to show her she’s a superstar and to make her laugh”.

Mum Lisa (43) said it was “a lovely idea”. “Material things would be useless presents,” Lisa explained. “Corah cannot work gadgets and spends all day in her pyjamas, so there’s no point buying her clothes. We have had to cancel a birthday party because she is so unwell. But cards will make the day special and show that people are caring and thinking of her.”

The cards should be sent to Greenwood Primary School in Kirkby, where Lisa works as a teaching assistant.

Corah’s disease means the cells in her body are failing to operate or provide the energy she needs, leading to a range of debilititating problems. She is confined to a bedroom at her home on Victoria Road, and has to go to hospital for a shower.

Her health is deteriorating fast, and she was due to undergo a minor operation this week. However, Lisa and dad Carl (46) have been overwhelmed by support from the local community, particularly from Sali, whom they describe as “an amazing person”.

Sali even arranged for Corah, who loves singing, to meet her favourite pop star, Jessie J,

THE traumatised Slaney family are still waiting for Ashfield District Council to begin work on adapting their home to meet Corah’s needs.

Public outrage forced the council to back down when, initially, they said the family would have to wait two years before a bedroom and wet room could be installed on the ground floor of the house.

But despite promising that the work, costing £40,000, would be made a priority and begin this week, the council told mum Lisa on Monday the successful tender had still not been determined.