Best Care policy wins national recognition

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SFH) is attracting national interest with its innovative approach to improving quality and productivity known as Achieving Best Care.

The fundamental aim of the Achieving Best Care (ABC) approach is to deliver enhancements in patient care, safety and experience, at the same time as transforming productivity levels.

A key premise for ABC is that staff engagement and team-working are key to transforming performance and by harnessing staff potential the Trust will be able to realise its vision of ‘Best Care, Best People, Best Place’.

The Trust is committed to learning from best performing organisations in both healthcare and industry and ABC therefore utilises innovations, improvement tools and working practices from both sectors.

As a result of this commitment the Trust is reaping the benefits from an innovative collaboration with Unipart a leading commercial organisation, at the same time as learning from the best in healthcare through partnerships with NHS East Midlands and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

These arrangements have allowed the Trust to improve the quality of service it provides for patients, increase staff satisfaction and increase productivity levels by between 25 per cent and 50 per cent.

The Trust’s ABC approach and its collaboration with Unipart will be showcased on a national stage at the leading healthcare innovation event in 2011 in London on tomorrow and Thursday.

Carolyn White, chief executive, said: “I believe passionately that Achieving Best Care is supporting us all in continuing to work towards our vision of Best Care by the Best People in the Best Place.

“ABC has challenged us all to examine our current practice, look at new and innovative ways in which to work and to sustain change. Showcasing ABC at the Expo really does put Sherwood Forest Hospitals on the map.”