‘Baldy blogger’s’ legacy lives on

THE father of a local journalist, who died from leukaemia at the age of 27, is attending a special event at King’s Mill Hospital on Tuesday to highlight the importance of organ donation.

Adrian Sudbury, who died in 2008, documented his fight against the illness online through ‘Baldy’s Blog’ and set up his own campaign ‘Register and Be a Lifesaver’ to educate more folk about all forms of donation.

Now his legacy lives on through his father Keith, who lives in Pinxton, and he will use Tuesday’s event to talk to the public about organ donation and how it works.

Said Keith: “A few months into his illness Adrian did undergo a bone marrow transplant in the hope it would beat his leukaemia.

“But unfortunately after a year his body rejected the new tissue. Adrian then made it his mission in his remaining days to educate more people about the importance of all forms of donation.

“My son even set up his own campaign ‘Register and Be a Lifesaver’, which was backed by the previous Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and is now part of the work carried out by the Anthony Nolan Trust.

“Now I am continuing Adrian’s work to make more people aware of donation and the importance of becoming a donor.”

The event, which takes place in the hospital’s education centre lecture theatre, from 6-7.30pm, will also feature talks by medics and will be hosted by Dr Paul Smith - Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust clinical lead for organ donation.

Dr Smith said: “There are currently more than 10,000 people who need an organ transplant in the UK, with three dying each day on average in the UK.

“We know it is not going to be easy – most do not really think about it – but the amount of people we can help by pushing the issue makes every effort worthwhile.”