Baby hug slogan is a winner

A CLERICAL support officer has been awarded a prize after suggesting a winning slogan to promote skin-to-skin contact between new mothers and their babies born at King’s Mill Hospital’s Sherwood Birthing Unit.

Rebecca MacKinnon, who works in the Infection Prevention and Control department at the hospital, came up with the slogan ‘Hug me tender, hug me true, an hour is all I ask from you’.

It will now be used on posters to inform new mums that after birth an hour of ‘skin to skin’ contact is the best start to their new relationship.

Jo Lincoln, infant feeding coordinator for Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We had numerous competition entries – each one was fantastic, but Rebecca’s really epitomised the importance of this close interaction.”

“Skin to skin contact should not be seen as a ‘one-off’, mothers and babies can continue to enjoy it gaining hormonal benefits for them both. It is linked with successful breastfeeding and studies show that additional mother and infant contact in the early days reduces abandonment, abuse and neglect”.

“I’d like to thank Nellie in the Shed for donating such a lovely prize to show their support.”

Studies have proven that with this contact babies feel calm and relaxed, they cry less and it helps them begin their first feed. It also helps mum and baby to start bonding, baby is kept warm and most importantly it feels very special. Skin-to-skin contact has been offered on the Sherwood Birthing unit for many years but recent research shows it needs to last for an hour, rather than the previously advised 30 minutes, to allow the baby opportunity to feed.

A delighted Rebecca was presented with a Cath Kidston bag, provided by Nellie in the Shed.