Ashfield people are fatter than average

THE health of Ashfield residents has received a mixed score card after indications there are now fewer adult smokers but more obese people than the national average.

New Department of Health figures reveal the number of children doing at least three hours of sport is up since last year and above the national average.

The number of smokers is down to 26 per cent while more than three quarters of mums are now breast feeding.

But work to reduce health inequalities still has a long way to go, with life expectancy of Ashfield people still below the national level - by 7.6 years for men and 13.1 years for women in the most deprived parts of the district.

There has also been an increase in the number of people admitted to hospital due to alcohol related harm.

And more than a quarter of people are classed as obese at 28 per cent.

Dr Raian Sheikh, clinical lead for Highpoint Health, which has 31 GP practices in Mansfield and Ashfield, said: “We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people living in Mansfield and Ashfield.

“We are pleased that improvements have been made in some areas; however there is still work to do. “

“We are keen to look at innovative ways to address the health inequalities and will continue to work with our partners to make a real difference to the population we serve”.

Health Profiles are released each year by the Department of Health and give a health summary of local authority areas in England.

They help local NHS staff understand the community’s needs, so they can work to improve people’s health and reduce health inequalities.

Dr Chris Kenny, director of public health at NHS Nottinghamshire County, said: “The profiles are a valuable tool for providing a snapshot of the key health challenges facing people in Nottinghamshire.

“They help us to target resources effectively so that we can address health inequalities.

“The local health community will continue to work closely to tackle our priority areas of alcohol, smoking and obesity levels”.

The Health Profiles can be viewed by visiting