Health u-turn welcomed by Kirkby OAP

NMAC11-0804-4''Ivan Braddow and his mother Edith pictured outside their Kirkby home
NMAC11-0804-4''Ivan Braddow and his mother Edith pictured outside their Kirkby home

HEALTH bosses have offered their ‘unreserved apologies’ to a Kirkby pensioner who was told she must take along used incontinence pads to continue receiving them on prescription.

Chad reported two months ago how blind pensioner Edith Braddow, who is a former factory supervisor, was refused a repeat prescription for more pads when she attended an appointment at Kirkby’s Ashfield Health Village.

But the 77-year-old’s son and full-time carer Ivan (52) slammed the decision, saying that without them, his mum could not sleep or go out.

He also criticised the ‘embarrassing’ policy of having to bring in soiled pads as part of the clinical assessment.

But now NHS Nottinghamshire County has reviewed its policy and apologised to Mrs Braddow.

Chief executive of NHS Nottinghamshire County, Andrew Kenworthy, said: “I have personally written to Mrs Braddow to offer our unreserved apologies for any distress caused.

“We have reviewed the policy and have now changed the way that eligibility is assessed for the prescription of incontinence pads.”

Mr Braddow has welcomed the decision - and said the pads made a ‘real difference’ to his mum’s quality of life.

He said: “She will be up for review in October but at least we won’t have to take the used incontinence pads in.

“The pads make her more confident in going out and she can sleep a lot better knowing she is not wetting the bed. It makes a real difference.”

Mr Braddow says he is glad he brought the issue to the public’s attention because he believes there are many people in the community - particularly the elderly - who are afraid to speak up.

He said: “I have been stopped in the town centre and people have said, ‘well done for raising it because my such-and-such suffers from this.’

“We don’t know what the outcome at her next appointment will be - we are taking it a stage at a time - but at least this aspect of it has been quashed.

“I am very pleased that it has been reversed. It’s a huge weight off my mind.”

After being told that the she must take along used pads, Mr Braddow contacted Ashfield MP Gloria de Piero.

This week she said: “I was literally open mouthed when this was raised with me by some constituents.

“I was furious. I raised it with the PCT and I’m so pleased that they have now changed their policy.

“This is a victory for everyone who raised this issue with me. Together we’ve changed things.”

Following her last clinical assessment in April, Mrs Braddow was given a prescription for more pads and this will be reviewed in October.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Community Health (NCH) added: “All other assessment criteria will remain the same.”