Health suite loss is such a shame

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I read with interest your article ( 6th Nov 2013 ) on the closure of the Health Suite at Mansfield Watermeadows as I have been a regular user of this for nearly 30 years, when it was just an add-on to the old Mansfield Baths and now at the Watermeadows.

Of particular interest were the comments on the “low usage” and “need to upgrade facilities”.

Firstly on the low usage I recently sent a letter to Mr. Alan Meale MP regarding the closure and it was signed by over 16 users of the suite in the space of 4 hours one Thursday night.

Secondly the need to upgrade the facilities has arisen because over a course of time the equipment has been allowed to slip into disrepair whether by the council or Serco is debatable.

Year on year the cost of using the Health Suite has increased yet every year cutbacks were made on the service. For instance :-

Towels and robes were once provided free of charge, then a small charge was made now we have to provide our own

Tea,coffee or squash also once complimentory now no longer provided.

The hairdryer disappeared a long time ago and we are left with a useless wall mounted dryer with one speed(slow) and one heat (lukewarm).

Allocated times for male and female only usage being cut down so as to include mixed sessions.

As for the plan to upgrade the Oak Tree Leisure Centre instead it was pointed out that the users from Watermeadows would not automatically transfer to there so the footfall at Oak Tree would not necessarily increase.

It was also pointed out that Mansfield has a brand new bus station which is central to all but Oak Tree is not, which again prohibits people who do not drive.

It would be a shame to lose such a unique facility which has been a part of Mansfield Baths for many years.

Carol Clapperton