Health chiefs give Mansfield and Ashfield residents advice during cold snap

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The extreme winter weather has sparked advice from health leaders.

Health chiefs at NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group are urging people to make sure they are well nourished and keep warm as much as possible indoors.

They are advising people to have basic medications such as paracetamol, basic food items and to wear extra layers of clothing.

Keeping an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours and family to make sure they don’t get caught out, is also a top priority.

AGE UK recently revealed that one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold weather and many more become seriously ill as a result of the cold weather.

Dr Gavin Lunn, GP and clinical advisor for NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group said: “There is also common misplaced belief that leaving a window open on a cold winter’s night to let in fresh air is good for your health. In fact, the opposite is true when it is very cold - breathing in cold air lowers body temperature and can increase the risk of chest infections.

“If you are particularly vulnerable to the effects of severe weather, have plenty of basic food and medications such as paracetamol in advance so that you can keep safe indoors until the bad weather has passed.”

Visit www.nhs.uk/asap for more information.