Health care too important for playng politics

IN reply to a letter in last week’s Chad from Craig Day of which he accuses Labour politicians of not attending meetings of the Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust. Mr Day fails to tell you that he is vice-chairman of the East Midlands Liberal Democrats.

To put the record straight I have attended most of the trust’s meetings in the last year. The only meetings that I did not attend were because they clashed with district council meetings, where I have a 100 per cent attendance record.

Gloria De Piero did not attend the AGM because she was attending a long standing engagement with some of her constituents in Jacksdale. Gloria is one of the most hard working MPs in Westminster, holding regular coffee mornings and surgeries in her constituency.

She has recently held a one-to-one meeting with the hospital’s chief executive and has another meeting with the new chief executive this week. She along with local labour party members are extremely concerned at way the Government, supported by the Liberal Democrats, are systematically destroying our NHS.

It is hypocritical of the Liberal Democrats to attack us in this way when their own record on attending meetings is atrocious; Coun Zadrozny was kicked off the police authority because of non-attendance. Their county councillors have a very poor record of attendance at council meetings and local community meetings.Our health is too important to play politics with. I’m disappointed Craig Day has chosen to do this and I felt I had no option but to reply.

Coun David Kirkham.