Headteacher shocked after boy puts plastic bag over autistic Mansfield boys head

The mother of an autistic boy says not enough has been done by teachers after it emerged that another boy had put a carrier bag over his head on a school trip.

Brooklyn Brough, eight, was on a trip to Caythorpe with King Edward Primary School, Littleworth when the traumatic incident happened.

Brooklyn was in a dorm room with three other boys, when one of the group put a carrier bag over his head, after allegedly making threats.

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Brooklyn’s mum Clare said: “After the incident Brooklyn had to spend two more nights in the room with the same boys.”

Another boy in the room ran to get help from a teaching assistant, and was left extremely upset by the incident.

Clare added she was not informed of what had happened to Brooklyn by the school, and she was only made aware of the events when Brooklyn came home on Monday and told her.

Staff did not attempt to get any medical attention for Brooklyn.

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Claire said: “Although Brooklyn usually loves school, he is now worried about going back.

She added: “I’ve been to the governors of the school because I don’t feel like Brooklyn is safe there anymore. This is a safeguarding issue.”

The punishment for the boy who instigated the incident is believed to be two days of exclusion, followed by two days in isolation at the school.

Clare believes that this was not enough punishment for the other boy and is worried that Brooklyn is now unsafe at school.

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She has also reported the incident to the police, who advised her it is not a matter for them to deal with.

The parents of the perpetrator have approached Clare to apologise, but she is still worried about Brooklyn being in the same school as him, and she says that other parents also feel worried about their children’s safety.

Sue Bridges, head-teacher of King Edwards Primary School said: “We were shocked to hear about this incident, which staff supervising the trip were unaware of the full extent at the time. It was only fully brought to our attention through Facebook posts over the weekend and discussion with parents on the Monday after the children returned form the trip.

I immediately instigated an investigation into what happened and, as a result, appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against those involved. We will closely monitor and manage the children’s return to school and provide all necessary support.”

She added: “I would like to reassure parents that the safety and wellbeing of all their children is of paramount importance to us.”