Has headstocks decision already been made?

In respect to the letter forwarded by Mr Stansfield about a dream that he had about the redevelopment of the Clipstone headstocks and surrounding areas.

I found this had an element of humour in and also concern for the future of the site. The vision is almost identical to the actual site at Hartlands, near Cambourne, which is superb.

I must say that the consencus of people who have disscused the future of the site seems to be in favour of redeveloping the site with the headstocks in place. I am not sure where MP Mark Spencer is getting his views from, but they don’t seem to tally.

And I also find it ironic that Mr Spencer took the visitors to the Clipstone site, whe nit would have been more beneficial to have gone to a site like Hartlands to see what they can actually achieve.

So I have come to the conclusion that irrespective of how much support there is for the Clipstone headstocks to remain and be developed, it is a waste of time as I feel a decision has already been made.

Geoffrey Revill,