Has a lack of signs led to 1,500 speeding tickets on Mansfield road?

Rosemary Street, Mansfield where almost 1500 drivers were caught speeding in a year

Picture: Sarah Washbourn
Rosemary Street, Mansfield where almost 1500 drivers were caught speeding in a year Picture: Sarah Washbourn

Nearly 1,500 drivers were clocked speeding on a stretch of a town centre just one-third of a mile in length.

Statistics provided by Nottinghamshire Police found that motorists were caught by a mobile camera device breaking the 30 mph limit 1,468 times on Rosemary Street between Sutton Road and Ladybrook Lane from June 2015 to June this year.

The figures were provided as part of a freedom of information request which also showed that around half of those caught breaking the limit took up the opportunity to take the speed awareness course, which means they avoid picking up penalty points.

At a cost of £35 for each driver to take the course, it tallies up to £25,970.

The details shows that of those caught, 569 fixed penalty offers were made - each of £100 - so potentially another £56,900 was generated.

The road had a 40 mph limit up until January 2014, when it was switched to a 30mph zone following a spate of accidents resulting in injury - 14 minor and five major incidents.

One motorist feels the number of motorists trapped by the cameras comes down to a lack of signs.

Steve Hunt, from Mansfield Woodhouse, was behind the wheel of his Mercedes when he was clocked driving at 41 mph in October last year.

He was hit with a huge bill for £564 and given four penalty points.

The 47-year-old, who works said: “It’s not so much the fine, it’s that there’s no warnings on there.

“It is never in question that I was speeding, if I was over the limit then I need my wrist slapping, but more signs are needed.

“I have travelled down that road for four to five years to get home on a night and I have always gone 40 mph - even my satnav says it’s still 40.

“I work in an office where three of us got caught, and all of thought it was a 40 road.

“Apparently there’s one 30mph sign down there but I have not seen it.”

However, Nottinghamshire County Council says that extra signs are not required because the street lights are sufficient to warn drivers that the road is a 30 mph zone.

They say the Department of Transport ‘expressly forbids’ the use of repeater 30 mph signs.