Hardwick Lakes netting angers one Tibshelf angler

Hardwick Millers Pond
Hardwick Millers Pond

A TIBSHELF angler has hit out at the National Trust for ‘ruining’ the fishing at a local pond by netting it and removing many of its larger fish.

Lifelong angler Pete Bradshaw said he has been fishing at Hardwick Lakes since he was a boy, with the bottom lake, Miller’s Pond, being excellent for bream, tench and carp.

In recent years dense weed made the lake ‘virtually unfishable’, but when this cleared last year, Pete and other anglers enjoyed some good fishing, catching bream and tench again.

He was looking forward to returning there this summer, but just before buying a permit, heard that the pond had been netted and many fish removed.

Said Pete, of Back Lane: “I decided to check this out before I wasted my money trying to catch non-existent fish.

“I have made several visits to the water and spoken to the odd angler who is still trying their luck, but have not seen a single fish caught.”

Pete said that anglers ‘would be wasting their money’ fishing at the lake now.

“The National Trust have ruined one of the best fisheries in the area for a quick profit and then lied to their customers to try and keep revenue up,” he added.

Denise Edwards, General Manager at Hardwick, said Miller’s Pond was netted in January to enable the National Trust to measure the population and species in the pond. This revealed that it was overpopulated and a decision was taken to remove some fish stocks.

“Some of these fish were then moved to other waters on the property, some to another National Trust property and a small amount sold to the contractor undertaking the work,” she said. Any money made was put back into the charity.