Happy with Sutton Baths plan

Once more I read with interest the proposals for the Sutton Pools Complex and Brook Street Hall in Chad, 17th October, and am more than happy with what is planned. As the immediate neighbour opposite the complex, I have had to endure four years of dereliction and anti-social behavior, so it is pleasing to witness that the end is in sight and has our approval.

Thanks to Chad for publishing my previous letter. Ashfield District Council officials have sent me letters of update for which I am grateful. However, (as expected) none of the local councillors have taken time to make contact in any form whatsoever, and it would appear that the only time one hears from them is at election time According to your article, again it is a Sutton North councillor, Tom Hollis, who is voicing his opinion on this town centre issue.

Are we, the Sutton centre residents, now represented by him, as our own councillors apparently have abdicated their own responsibilities towards their electorate ?

Peter J. Ford,

Church Hill, Sutton.