Hands off our hero! Chad sends message to Yorkshire to leave Robin Hood in Notts

Mark Spencer MP.
Mark Spencer MP.

He’s a global superstar who has starred in his own films, he’s a crack shot with a longbow, and he’s even managed to make green tights looks masculine, yet Robin Hood has more than the Sheriff of Nottingham to worry about now after finding himself at the centre of an unlikely cross-county tug-of-war.

The lovable rogue, who legend has it robbed from the rich to pay the poor, has always been synonymous with Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest.

The 30th annual Robin Hood Festival at Sherwood Forest Country Park, re-telling the story of Robin Hood

The 30th annual Robin Hood Festival at Sherwood Forest Country Park, re-telling the story of Robin Hood

He married his sweetheart Maid Marian in Edwinstowe, and used the nearby forest to hide from the law, folklore would have it.

Yet attempts are now being made by county neighbours Yorkshire to uproot the origins of the outlaw, claiming his affiliation is actually closer to the white rose than to The Major Oak.

A recent report in the national press puts an argument forward by a Doncaster-based curator who says evidence exists to put him squarely in South Yorkshire.

But a growing band of band of merry men, including us here at Chad, are preparing to do battle with the cheeky neighbours to re-claim the hero as ours, once and for all.

Alan Meale MP  Who has been awarded a knighthood

Alan Meale MP Who has been awarded a knighthood

In a clear message of ‘Hands of Our Hero’, we are launching a campaign to keep Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire, and leading figures in the region are queuing up to help reclaim him.

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer was one of the first to react to Yorkshire’s attempts to hijack our hero.

He told Chad: “It’s really difficult to comment without swearing!

“Yorkshire can get it’s own horseback hero. Quite frankly, they have Dick Turpin, so they can stick with him!

“Do not come down here trying to nick ours, the whole world recognises he is from Sherwood.”

Mansfield MP Alan Meale also lambasted the hijack attempts, saying: “It’s a disgrace, but I think the truth will out. Everyone knows he dressed in Lincolnshire green and lived in Sherwood Forest.

“There are people who will claim anything for publicity and even in their wildest imagination, Yorkshire was never been the home of Robin Hood.”

Mayor of Mansfield, Tony Egginton has confirmed his backing of the Chad campaign, saying; “Wherever you go in the world, and people ask you where you are from, they all recognise it as where Robin Hood came from.

“I certainly remember the issue of when they re-named Doncaster Airport, Robin Hood Airport, so I’m more than happy to add my support to this campaign.”

Coun John Knight, the culture committee chairman at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Hands off, Yorkshire! Robin Hood is an international icon and we are rightly proud that he is Nottinghamshire’s famous outlaw.

“His story is known throughout the world and we attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from home and abroad each year to explore historic Sherwood Forest.

Even the man himself has put his leather boot into Yorkshire’s claims.

Steve Warrington, who plays Robin at Nottinghamshire County Council’s annual Robin Hood Festival said: “Yorkshire is trying to steal Nottinghamshire’s legend – but they won’t succeed!

“Robin’s chief enemy is the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the old saying goes that people need to keep their enemies close so Robin needs to be close to the naughty Sheriff - not in another county!

“So many of the adventures involving Robin and his band of Merry Men are based in Sherwood Forest – it is his natural hideout and a stunning forest, Nottinghamshire is his home!”