Half-term treat at Houses Of Parliament for Kirkby kids

VIPS FOR THE DAY --  youngsters with MP Gloria De Piero and E.ON officials.
VIPS FOR THE DAY -- youngsters with MP Gloria De Piero and E.ON officials.

A tour of the Houses Of Parliament and the sights of London added up to a half-term treat to remember for a group of schoolchildren from Kirkby.

Courtesy of energy supplier E.ON, 20 pupils from Morven Park Primary School visited the capital as part of Nottingham In Parliament Day.

The company has enjoyed a lengthy partnership with the school, providing educational workshops to teach about science and energy through fun activities. So it thought it would be a good idea to take them to Westminster, where the workshops were being showcased in front of MPs and business leaders.

“It was a unique experience for them, and a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our engaging ‘Energise Anything’ progamme, which the pupils brought to life,” said Suzanne Doxey, community relations manager at E.ON.

The school’s head teacher, Mark Watson, said: “Many of the children had not been to London before and had certainly not had the chance to visit the Houses Of Parliament. We’ve been working with E.ON for ten years now, taking part in many of their activities. The support E.ON offers the school is hugely valuable, so it was exciting to represent the company on this special day.”

Among the MPs to greet the Morven party was Ashfield’s Gloria De Piero, who said: “It was fantastic that children from Kirkby had the opportunity to be part of the day. I hope the E.ON workshops encourage some of them to think about taking up a career in science and technology when they’re older.”

The Energise Anything programme is designed to help youngsters understand all stages of energy production, distribution and consumption. Nottingham In Parliament Day was organised by businesses and the city’s university.