Gun possession man is jailed

A KIRKBY man caught with five lethal guns hidden behind his sofa and in his bedroom has been jailed for three and a half years.

Police also found over 200 cartridges in a carrier bag at Thomas Ball’s home in Lindlays Lane.

The arsenal was believed to have been stolen by some one else in a burglary, Nottinghama Crown Court were told.

Also discovered in the police raid were small amounts of cocaine, amphetamine, ketamine and 630 diazepam tablets.

Ball (35) an electrical cable layer, maintained he had held the weapons for only three days and was going to hand them in to the police.

He said he had taken them from a person who had been bragging about going to shoot some one.

Ball said his intention was to get the weapons off the street.

The court heard one of the rifles, an American Savage ‘combo’, was loaded with a shotgun cartridge.

Martin Hurst, defence, said his client had been contemplating suicide.

Ball pleaded guilty to possession of the firearms when prohibited, having already served an earlier prison sentence.

He also admitted possession of the ammunition, some of it expanding cartridges, and possession of the drugs, the diazepam tablets with intention to supply them.

The court were told Police raided his home on 16th November last year and found a Russian double-barrel shotgun and a Czech rifle with silencer and telescopic sights behind a sofa in the living room.

In a cupboard in a bedroom were an American Remington semi-automatic rifle, an American Winchester pump-action rifle and the Savage ‘combo’, said Mark van der Zwart, prosecuting.

Ball had previous convictions, including for supplying heroin and had been given five and a half years in prison in 2003 for blackmail.

He had been leading a law-abiding life for four years following his release, but then started using drugs again, the court was told.

Judge John Milmo said if Ball had regard fora his partner and children he would not have become involved.

He added the guns had a potential for use for illegal purposes on the streets of Nottinghamshire.

Said Judge Milno: ‘There is no evidence to suggest you were holding the guns as an armourer for any gang.’