Guest columnist Gloria De Piero MP signs off for the election a pledge for a new politics

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Budget day is one of the big House of Commons events of the year.

Whether you liked or hated what the Chancellor had to say, I’ll bet you’ll all agree with 22-year-old Stephanie Broughton from Sutton who emailed me after watching the Budget to say how appalling she found the whole spectacle—the cheering, jeering, shouting and interrupting.

All behaviour, she pointed out, would get you thrown out of a pub never mind a place of work.

I completely agree with Stephanie and have passed on her comments directly to the Speaker’s Office.

We have to start doing politics differently if we want to get people back on side.

The atmosphere was much more convivial when I stopped by at St Michael and All Angels Church in Underwood after Reverend Anna Alls invited me along. The homemade cakes were to die for and the company was brilliant.

It was a real pleasure to meet Don and Ken who both turn 84 this year.They’ve lived in Underwood all their lives and have been best mates throughout. Ken worked down the pit at Annesley and Don worked at Moorgreen.

They both loved playing cricket, singing in the church choir and they’ve both got two kids.

It was great to see two people who have shared such a long friendship, have so much in common and enjoyed so much laughter together.

Life without good mates doesn’t bear thinking about.

I’ve met so many people over these last few years who have given so much of their own time to make a difference to other people’s

One woman who I’ll never forget is Angie Scothern. She’s going through a tough time battling cancer but is an absolute inspiration.

Her latest fundraising effort for Macmillan Cancer Research was a Motown night at the Towers which raked in well over £2,000.

Angie this column is dedicated to you.

I’ve been writing my Chad column for as long as I’ve been your MP but (because Chad editors need to be fair to all candidates) this will be my last before the election.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell readers what a massive honour it has been for me to be able to help and serve so many of you in these challenging times.

I’ve been the first MP to live in the constituency for over 20 years.

Living locally means that I use the same public services, shops, and pubs as you do. You are my friends, neighbours and my bosses.

I believe life would be better for us all if we had a Labour Government on May 8.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you over these next few weeks and if you decide to re-elect me, I hope I’m privileged enough to pen another Chad column in