Guest Column: Unsung hero Kris is an inspiration to us all

I am really fortunate to meet so many people who I often think of as '˜unsung heroes'.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 7:30 am
Stacey Smalley, Macmillan fundraiser for Nottinghamshire

Every year they persuade their family, friends and colleagues to help them raise vital funds for Macmillan.

They are typically very modest, and always make a point of telling me, that ‘it was a team effort’.

They will tell me how without their army of helpers they simply couldn’t have done it.

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Kris Davies, organiser of Macmillan Fest in Nottingham

That’s absolutely right but every event needs someone at the heart of it, who pulls things together.

And and on this occasion, I wanted to highlight someone who hosts a music festival each year for Macmillan.

His name is Kris Davis.

Kris is the organiser of the MacmillanFest, a music event held in Nottingham City Centre each year since 2010.

It brings together people from all over the county aged from 14-70, to enjoy good music and to show their support for Macmillan.

The event began when Kris’ form tutor at school was sadly diagnosed with cancer.

His tutor had been a huge support to Kris.

At one point Kris remembers his tutor breaking down in class, when he found out he was being supported by Macmillan.

This spurred Kris on to do something positive to help others and to show support for his teacher.

The first festival had 280 people attend, creating a great atmosphere.

Year on year it has grown in popularity and last year saw 1,300 people come along and support the event.

Since then Kris has met thousands of people who come to the music event, all with their own experiences.

When I first met Kris I was blown away by his passion, commitment and desire to make a difference.

And he has so many people helping him to make this fundraising event so successful because everyone is drawn in by his enthusiasm and, he won’t mind me saying, charm.

I truly think Kris is one of our unsung heroes, giving so much of his time and energy to not only put on a great event, every single year, but also to raise so much money for charity.

And how much has Kris raised?

Since it began eight years ago, the event has raised more than £25,000, which is incredible.

So, if you’ve read about Kris – and want to do your bit – we really need your support in Nottinghamshire.

To get involved contact Stacey Smalley on 07809 554 963 or email [email protected]