GUEST COLUMN: It’s clear Ashfield wanted out - I respect that decision, by Gloria De Piero MP

MP Gloria De Piero
MP Gloria De Piero

Last night, the country had its say in the biggest decision Britain has made in a generation.

The voice of the country was heard loud and clear, with a decisive victory for the campaign to leave the EU.

It is also very clear that Ashfield has voted to leave. I respect that decision.

But I will also make it my top priority, in the uncertain times ahead, to get the very best deal for Ashfield in our negotiations to leave the EU. I will work harder than ever to make sure you aren’t hurt by any of the aftershock of this referendum.

We know that communities like ours are often hardest hit when times are tough, as experts predict they might be after this vote.

I won’t let the Tories get away with leaving you high and dry in another downturn, as they did after the last crash.

I have had many conversations with local people in recent weeks about their deeply felt anger and disillusionment with how things are in Britain today. The pressure low skilled immigration has put on wages, the terrible quality of local jobs, the lack of opportunities for young people to get on in life, the pressure on local services. I do not believe those things will go away because of this vote. We need a change in government for that.

I don’t believe that any Tory Prime Minister will sort these problems. Because the Tories don’t understand communities like ours, and they don’t care if we suffer. That’s why I’m Labour – because we do care. And that’s why I will do everything in my power, to get Labour back into Government.

You deserve better, and your anger has been heard in Westminster.

Now let’s get on with the work of uniting our country again, and getting the best deal for Britain in the negotiations to leave.

I promise you that I will fight your corner. Thank you to those who have emailed, tweeted and sent me face book messages to thank me for my work following the horrific murder of my colleague Jo Cox. I will always do my best for our community but Jo’s death has made me want to work even harder at doing the best job for you that I can.

If you have ideas about how I can be a better MP, please get in touch and let me know.