GUEST COLUMN: Crime is falling in Mansfield and Ashfield, by Paddy Tipping PCC

Keeping crime and anti-social behaviour low motivates all of our community safety work and it is always highly reassuring to see these efforts bearing fruit.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 1:52 pm
Updated Monday, 8th August 2016, 2:54 pm
Paddy Tipping who has been re-elected at the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Latest figures indicate sweeping crime reductions across Mansfield and Ashfield which is not only testament to the dedication of the local neighbourhood policing team but also the strong partnership working in place to share responsibility for community problems and help people who are on a continuous cycle of offending.

Year-to- date figures up to July 26 show overall crime in the area has fallen by 7.6 per cent (389 offences) in the area at a time when crime has risen nationally. The positive news continues almost across the board with the level of victim-based crime

dropping by 7.1 per cent and violence offences, including violence against the person and violence without injury, falling by 17.6 per cent and 18.6 per cent respectively.

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Crime figures, of course, are only one way to measure community safety. Residents’ feelings of safety are just as important when it comes to assessing confidence. We know that fear of crime often bears little correlation to actual recorded crime and these figures are a positive reminder that Mansfield and Ashfield are increasingly safer places to live and work.

We all have a part to play and simple security measures really can reduce the chances of falling prey to crime. Hot weather is always a welcome sign for criminals who will capitalise on open windows and doors – whether you’re at home or not. The figures show burglaries in the area increased by 20.9 per cent up to July which equated to 31 extra offences. Similarly, vehicle interference rose by 9.4 per cent. Being on your guard means locking windows and doors and removing valuable items from view. Taking care will make it more difficult for thieves to strike.

Summer often sees increased reports of antisocial behaviour with the longer, warmer nights. Reports of ASB in the area rose by 10.9 per cent (262 offences) up to July. Antisocial behaviour is an issue we take extremely seriously. There are a number of systems in place to ensure antisocial behaviour problems are dealt with effectively and given the seriousness they warrant. The Community Trigger Scheme, for example, enables victims of ASB to activate a review of the

response when they are not satisfied. But often, a sensible approach and talking can clear the air before antisocial behaviour becomes embedded.