GUEST COLUMN: Calm of May after political storm, by Mark Spencer MP

The last few weeks in the world of politics has been a whirlwind. Westminster has been crowded out with journalists and onlookers as we’ve seen wholesale changes to the Government, 
and to the future of our country.

I hope that now Theresa May is firmly installed as our Prime Minister, and with a new cabinet around her, we can get on with the job of fulfilling her first pledge that this should be a Government that works for everyone.

In her opening speech she reached out to people in our part of the world and all of the working people who too often feel like they are forgotten.

She said that this Government will make decisions for the people who are working around the clock and doing their best, to give people more control over their lives and make sure everyone has the opportunity to go as far as their talent will allow. I think that’s a really positive message and to me that’s exactly what a Conservative Government should stand for.

Now is a time for stability and good sense, and I think Theresa May is the right person to give us that. She has already shown in her appointment of a ‘Brexit’ Minister that she will honour the result of the referendum, and that is the right thing to do.

I’m incredibly optimistic for the future, and that this Government can get the very best possible deal for 

When I look across to the benches opposite in the House of Commons, at the black hole that was once the Labour Party, it’s all too clear that these days it is only the Conservatives who are working for ‘normal’ people.

We need to get behind good conservative values and work together, which is what I aim to do for residents in my constituency.