GUEST COLUMN: Budget puts the next generation first, by Mark Spencer, Sherwood MP.

Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood
Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood

The Chancellor’s Budget last week is one that puts the next generation first –a Budget to make Britain fit for the future.

The British economy is stronger because we confronted our country’s problems and took the difficult decisions, but we now face the challenge of a dangerous cocktail of global economic risks.

Britain is well prepared to handle this challenge, but only if we act now so we don’t end up paying later.

We can choose to add to the risk and uncertainty or we can be a force for stability. We can follow Labour’s path and to spend money we don’t have on a short term fix, or we can continue to lead the world with long-term solutions to long-term problems. In this Budget we choose the long term.

Sound public finances to deliver security, lower taxes on business and enterprise to create jobs, reform to improve schools, investment to build homes and infrastructure, fuel duty frozen again and more help for working people with lower taxes and support for savers.

That is the path we followed over the past five years and it’s given us one of the strongest economies in the world. It’s lead to record levels of employment, millions of new jobs and apprenticeships and lower taxes for working people.

It is the path we will follow in the years ahead. If our economy continues to grow and improve then we as a Government can continue with these plans for more jobs, lower taxes, to help people on to the housing ladder, and to offer more free childcare for working parents amongst many others.

If you have any questions about the Budget, feel free to get in touch.