GUEST COLUMN: Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero speaks out on minimum wage

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Eagle-eyed readers will remember me writing about several well-known companies who were named, shamed and fined for failing to pay the minimum wage.

If you thought that would act as a deterrent and stop others following suit, you’d be wrong.

Only last week it was revealed ANOTHER 70 firms had been flouting the laws. There are several in Nottinghamshire.

There is no excuse for cheating workers out of what they are due and it is high time the Government clamped down and got much tougher on rogue bosses. Since the Tories and the Lib Dems came to power there have only been two prosecutions for non-payment of the minimum wage—it’s ludicrous.

Ministers need to show a greater determination and stand up for ordinary workers by securing far more prosecutions.

They could start by more than doubling the fines—that’s what Labour is calling for.

Firefighters put their life on the line to protect us each time they go to work. Grant Breed from Skegby was one of the firefighters who travelled to Parliament last week to campaign for a fair pensions for firefighters.

Grant and his colleagues expressed their anger that so-called guarantees to protect firefighters who suffer from age-related decline failed to materialise.

As promised, I’ve now written to the relevant Minister but it might take a Labour Government to truly clear up this mess.

Teversal Grange has been a much loved community resource for years. It’s home to a football, cricket and bowls club.

The Grange deserve a secure future and me and my office manager, Lee Anderson, have been working closely with all of the clubs and the council to help achieve that security.

We’ll keep you posted on any news but can I say a big thank you to Pete Cockerill, Chris Slack, Kev Newton, Phil Hauton, Andy Gregson, Colin Churm and Barry Harby and everyone else associated with the clubs for all of the work you do to provide sport and leisure in Teversal and beyond.