Guardians award for Nether Langwith scheme

Rhubarb Farm at Nether Langwith has received a Green Guardians award from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for its work in providing opportunities for people from all walks of life by growing fruit and vegetables, and promoting low impact living.

The award, worth £1,000, will help Rhubarb Farm extend its opportunities to involve more people.

Rhubarb Farm helps people with learning difficulties, unemployed people, ex-offenders and people with mental and physical ill-health to develop their skills and find jobs.

It is regarded as a social enterprise, creating a service and product-based company which is also of value to the local community.

The aims are to help people realise their potential and gain confidence, through work, placements and volunteering.

It also encourages health through exercise and healthier eating, as well as sustainability, while developing a viable enterprise.