Greens challenge MP Allen

Green Party candidate for Nottingham North Katharina BoettgeGreen Party candidate for Nottingham North Katharina Boettge
Green Party candidate for Nottingham North Katharina Boettge
The Green party have fielded a candidate to challenge Labour MP Graham Allen in Bulwell at the next General Election.

Kat Boettge has been selected to stand as the Green Party candidate for Nottingham North.

Originally from Germany, Kat has lived in Nottingham for 15 years and has been awaiting her citizenship to get back in time for the elections - if there are any problems another candidate is in reserve.

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Kat said: “We are living in very difficult times, people are struggling financially, whilst the rich get richer; and our planet is being systematically destroyed.

“The Green Party stands for social justice and environmental protection, which need to be our focus. We have sound and do-able policies that would benefit society and the most vulnerable whilst saving the only planet, we have. Currently we are facing such inequality, penalising less-well-off people, austerity, the privatising of public services – all to pay for the main parties failure to regulate the banking sector.”

If elected Kat says she will fight against the privatisation of the NHS and other public services, cuts and austerity, and unfair tuition fees.

She is a single parent who lives with her teenage daughter in Strelley. She works as a psychotherapist and was the Green lead candidate for the Euro elections for East Midlands last year.

She is also a town councillor for Kimberley.

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She added: “We need to address climate change and the energy crisis by investing in renewable energy not owned by corporations, but by communities, individuals and ethical business models. This would provide thousands of jobs, helping local economies and ensuring energy independence.”

“One big problem in this country is that politicians come from wealthy backgrounds, are usually white and male. I do not think they understand normal problems most of us face, particularly people with disabilities, single parents, minorities and the youth without rich parents. I have experienced many struggles as a woman, single parent and a migrant; I would like to be the voice for all to make this a fairer society.”

The Green are fielding the following candidates across Nottingham: Richard Mallender for Rushcliffe; Adam McGregor for Nottingham South; Jim Norris for Gedling; Antonia Zenkevitch for Nottingham East.