Green-wedge home plans for Mansfield are rejected

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A housing application on a green area of land was overwhelmingly rejected by planners in Mansfield this week.

The bid was to build up to 30 homes on the land north of Skegby Lane, on the edge of Mansfield, with the potential that it could accommodate another 150 homes in the future.

It was turned down by all 11 members of the district council’s planning committee.

This was backed by 461 nearby residents who had signed a petition against the proposals for the six-hectare site. A further 21 letters of objection were also submitted to the council.

They said it would mean losing a green area of land that was already fraught with flooding issues.

If given approval, the houses would have been closest to those living on Andover Road and Chichester Close.

The application was also recommended for refusal by planning officers who said that hundreds of homes were already in the pipeline in other areas of the town, and that this application was a ‘departure from the adopted Mansfield District Local Plan.’

The report read: “Housing land outside of the urban boundary is not necessary or justified at the present 

Committee member Coun Vaughan Hopewell said: “We have plenty of brown-field sites in Mansfield, and I feel they need developing first.

“Green areas should be kept there for people to enjoy for years to come.”

This was supported by Coun Derek Evans, who added: “I agree wholeheartedly with the officers’ recommendations.

“It’s important to keep these green open spaces and to see development take place in urban areas.”

In a planning statement by Jackson Design Associates behalf of the applicant, Richard Thomas, they argued that the Mansfield Local Plan had been adopted in 1998 and was now out of date.