Green light for The Ridge housing plan

The Ridge Mansfield
The Ridge Mansfield

PLANNERS have given approval to build new homes on the site of a derelict children’s home, despite objections from residents.

Mansfield District Council unanimously voted to approve the application to transform The Ridge, on The Park, into two homes, as well as build 23 new homes and 18 apartments.

But over 45 residents had objected to the plans, with Mansfield MP Alan Meale even writing a letter of objection.

They claimed it was over development, and claimed there was no demand for flats in that area, amongst 81 other concerns.

After meeting with residents, the applicant agreed to alter the plans to replace a three-storey block of flats at the end of Carlton Street and replaced with three terraced two-storey homes.

Developer Darren Atkinson said: “We have had a meeting with residents which went well , and we have done everything we can to appease the situation and get this application on track.”

The Ridge building has been plagued by vandals and anti-social behaviour in recent years.

The main building will be converted into a five and a three bedroom house.

In the ground there will be ten detached homes, 11 terraced homes, two semi-detached and 18 flats. Under Government guidelines, eight of the properties must be affordable.