Grave is hit by vandals

THE widow of a Sutton father who was gunned down on his driveway in 2002 has slammed the mindless vandals who destroyed items at his grave in Kirkby.

Andrea Draycott and her 19-year-old son Louis went to visit Mr Draycott’s grave at Kingsway Cemetery on Sunday afternoon – but when they arrived, they discovered thieves had taken a metal plate with his photograph in it, as well as destroying an ornament of an angel which was fixed to his grave.

Mrs Draycott, who lives in Kirkby, said: “His angel was broken in half – it looked like somebody had just kicked it. His flowers were all over the place and I noticed his photos had gone.

“It is just distressing. It is hard enough for my son to go up there but to go up and find that is horrendous.

“I could not leave it as it was – it was so upsetting. I cleaned it up as much as I could and took the angel.”

Mr Draycott was shot outside his Woodlands Way home on 7th October 2002 and his killer has not yet been found – which his widow says makes the attack even more difficult.

She says: “I am so glad he (Louis) did not go up there on his own. We were so upset and angry. We were just so angry that somebody had done that, especially the way David died and we still haven’t got anyone for his murder.

“There is still a lot of pain and hurt, it is still quite raw.”

But despite the high-profile nature of his death, Mrs Draycott does not believe her husband’s grave was deliberately targeted because other graves had also been vandalised.

She said: “There were a couple at the back with photos missing and I noticed that pots had been pulled out of the ground. There were a few flowers with the heads off.”

Now Mrs Draycott faces a hefty bill for the damage caused by the vandals.

She added: “They have done a lot of damage to it, it’s just heartbreaking. You have to replace stuff for mindless vandals.”

Last month, Chad reported items had been stolen from other graves at Kingsway over Christmas, including solar lamps placed at the final resting place of 25-year-old Kirkby soldier Rifleman Adrian Sheldon, who lost his life in Helmand Province in 2009.