Graphic images: Man's life saved by uncle and shop worker who held his artery shut

Relatives and shop workers have described how they rushed to save the life of a drunk man who punched through a window and almost bled to death.

Thursday, 28th December 2017, 9:30 am
Updated Thursday, 28th December 2017, 9:35 am
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The 20-year-old man was left ‘bleeding to death’ from a severed artery after he punched through a shop window belonging to the Warsop Mobility Centre, on High Street.

He had been drinking at a pub.

Kieran Dobb’s deep cut on his right arm left his step-dad wondering how he did not ‘chop his arm off’.

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Staff from The Co-operative on High Street rushed out to help following the incident which happened just before 8pm on Friday, December, 22.

One Co-op worker Emma Lafferty, held his severed artery shut to stop him bleeding out.

His Uncle, who rushed to the scene after a Co-op worker fetched him from The Talbot pub on High Street.

David Bedford, 37, Kieran’s step-dad has said he is surprised he did not ‘chop his arm off’. He said: “My brother who was there had his fingers in his arm pressing on Kieran’s artery, they really did a good job all of them.”

Kieran was originally taken to Kings Mill Hospital in a ambulance, but was later transferred to Nottingham City Hospital where he had an four-and-a-half-hour surgery on his arm.

Steven Bedford, 35, Warsop, Kieran’s Uncle said he was bleeding heavily when he saw him after the incident.

He said: “It is natural to help, specially because he is my nephew.

“I basically had to hold his arm as tight as I could, it was the worse cut I have ever seen, very long and deep.

“We stopped a lot of blood, it was gushing out, he had severed an artery which I held in the back of the ambulance. Anyone would have done the same.

“He knows he has done wrong, we all do silly things when we are young he is the one who is going to suffer.”

Kieran’s family have said he is going to personally apologise to the shop’s owner and pay for the damages.

He is also said to be in ‘a bit of pain’.

Lee Westwood the The Co-operative stores manager, 37, said: “He came out of the Talbot Pub and punched a window, he was literally bleeding to death. We stayed with him till the ambulance came, we used a apron to stop the bleeding.

“He had serious lacerations to his arms he looked like he had just come out of a butchers shop. None of us are first aid trained, he would have died if no one had helped.”

Lee has also said that one member of staff Emma Lafferty, who helped Steven to stop the bleeding has been awarded a bottle of prosecco for helping.